Customer Database

Having a customer database is crucial to the running of a successful business. Epos X ‘s epos system customer database will allow you to record and maintain the contact details and purchase history of every customer. Monitor and reward your most loyal customers while simultaneously market to customers who haven’t ordered in a while. It is the most powerful tool at your disposal. After all, what is better than repeat business? If you’re not taking advantage of your customer database you’re missing out on potential sales.

Marketing Module

All businesses no doubt have busy and quiet periods, it could be that during certain hours, days or even weeks your business isn’t generating the sales that you would expect. Epos X’s built in marketing module will allow you to identify these quieter periods and take appropriate action. Our epos systems built in marketing module allows you to market special offers and promotions to customers.

Retention Module

Epos X’s retention module allows business owners to identify customers that have not purchased from the business in a while. With this module you are able to isolate and entice these customers back with targeted offers based on previous order history

Promotions Module

The Promotion module allows businesses to run special offers such as spend £20 and get a certain amount or percentage off. You can create voucher/promotion codes to track and monitor the effectiveness of each promotion

Increase Average customer Spend

Our Epos system has built in algorithms which are designed to boost average order values and frequency of orders. Your account manager will take care of this for you

Success Manager

The success manager is assigned to every Epos X’s customer. They will help you along your business journey with Epos X. Our business managers are experts in the field and will be at hand to advise you on how to maximise sales, increase order value and frequency of orders besides any other requirements you may have.

Financial Reports

Gone are the days when you get all your paper receipts together at the end of every working day and then add them all up to calculate how much sales you have generated. With the click of a buttons our Epos System will allow you to see how much sales you have generated by the hour, day, week, month, and year. The amount of time you will save will far outweigh the cost of the epos system.

Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly Reports

With this report it is possible to identify the quietest hours, days and weeks, and months and compare them to previous periods allowing you to allocate sufficient staffing resources and stock accordingly.

Sales by Products

GMonitor how many products are sold by the hour, day, week, month, and year and compare them to previous periods. This will enable you to ensure you are not buying too much or too little stock and thus find a balance between maximising sales and maximising cash flow. This report will also enable businesses to identify and promote low selling items or even take them of their menu all together.

Sales by Category

The sales by category report give business owners an insight into the revenue generated by each category by the hour, day, week, month, and year and compare them to previous periods allowing you to allocate sufficient staff to these sections. Marketing resources can be concentrated to low performing categories to increase revenue

Address Finder

Our address finder will enable you to find a customer’s address simply by entering the postcode of the customer. This will save valuable time to attend to other customers and duties

Customer Map

Epos X’s Epos system has a built in map which displays the location of every customer that has purchased from your business. If for example you notice that most of the orders are coming for the North and East then you can target your menu/flyer distribution or online marketing to the areas which you don’t get many orders from. i.e. South and West in this scenario.